Ourhood Community Residency @ The Prince of Peckham

POP Peckham


The plan was always to start with an Ourhood website, but fate conspired to make sure that Ourhood Community launched in the Summer of 2021 with a a pop up event in the heart of Peckham instead. It was at this same pop up we had a chance meeting with Clement Obonnaya, the owner of the Prince of Peckham. we soon agreed that bringing the Ourhood Community concept to the patrons of The Prince of Peckham, had to happen. And so we were given the opportunity to test out the concept in South London's finest pub with two pop up in the second half of 2021.

As expected these events were a huge success marrying our vision for Ourhood Community with the those of Clem's for the Prince of Peckham. Now that we are an online retail space, we don't want you to forget that there is nothing we love more than getting to meet you all in person. That's why we have teamed up with London's best community pub, The Prince of Peckham again for the year 2022 and will have a quarterly residency of pop up events there, and it's all down to one man... Clement Obonnaya.

Clem is a man on a mission when it comes to delivering the best entertainment and atmosphere possible, whilst maintaining a community feel. And in the Prince of Peckham, he has managed to condense everything that's great about South London under one roof. With regular themed nights, live music and some of the best food around there are plenty of reasons to love the Prince of Peckham and with our residency there, there just became one more!

We managed to grab some time with Clem for a quick chat about the residency, fashion and life at the Prince of Peckham...



How did you get into the drinks trade?

As cliched as it sounds, its not the drinks trade I was getting in to. It was the business of people and people love food and drink

What would you say your ethos was at Prince of Peckham ?

We are a home from home. Creating a space that represents the under represented, the marginalised and is inclusive to all groups. As an aspirational community pub, it is important we go above and beyond for our community with everything we do, steeped in excellence – I believe this is a journey, not a destination.

What was your first expensive fashion purchase? 

When I got to university and received my first student loan installment, I bought a pair of TN’s - £110.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m more concerned with fit and fabric than brand names. I’m very simple, but every now and then, one does like to peacock.

What was the last clothing item you purchased for yourself? 

A 6 pack of briefs from Amazon.


What made you want to work with the Ourhood Community team? 

I feel our journeys are similar. And you're doing wonderful things.

What is next for you in 2022? 

Another pub!

What would be your words of wisdom when it comes to running your own business? 

Please, please, please, plan and prepare. Fail to prepare, be prepared to fail.

What is your favourite thing about the Prince of Peckham community?

It's diversity. I have not been to any pub, bar or club that truly reflects its community as much as ours does.

Are there any pubs / clubs / bars you think we should check out other than the Prince of Peckham?

Of course, there are some amazing spots on our doorstep. The White Horse, The Greyhound, Copper Tap, Peckham Cellars, the list goes on...

The Ourhood Community Pop Ups will be @ The Prince of Peckham on the first Sunday of March, June, September & December of 2022.

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