The Community: B-Side

The ‘B-Side’ was originally known as the song on the flipside of a 12” or 7” vinyl single that backed the ‘A-Side’. Although the B-Side of a track wasn’t always the song that received the most radio play or critical recognition, it was often here that fans would discover a musician’s ‘hidden’ work. The song that spoke to the fans, not just the record labels.
And this is exactly what B-Side is all about.

Our B-Side collections are understated and iconic. We stand proud in our own designs, inspired by the talented hip-hop, grime, house and EDM artists we’ve worked with over the years. Our pieces are a nod to the streets and street artists - to the hidden underground cultures where art so often originates. We aim to reflect this in our own clothing, and each piece comes with its own story.

B-Side isn’t about being flashy or shouting the loudest. Our clothing is simple, easy to style and always comes from our East London roots.

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