Meet the Maker: Porscha Hill, founder of Bad Habits London


When did you start Bad Habits?
Bad Habits has been a concept in the making for nearly two years now. Our idea initially was to form a streetwear brand as it's so close to the culture. We evolved it into a sustainable brand and made it gender-neutral as the goal was to deliver products for everyone. From my industry experience, and after seeing the irresponsible ways of the industry, I decided to form my own brand, one that helps the environment. I learned several techniques for natural dyeing during my time at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and decided to share them with the world in a positive way

Can you tell us more about your experiences in the industry before Bad Habits? What have you learned from these roles?

The experience changes depending on the size of the brands that we've worked with.  Working for a more corporate brand with a larger structure helps you to fully understand the process and practices it takes to build a business. It allows one to see the larger picture.

Working for a smaller brand is always much more fun. You are extremely busy, but you have your hands in multiple pots that allow you to have a direct experience. Overall we've learned the process it takes to run a business, starting with the concept till it falls in stores. We've had roles in those necessary departments and were able to see first hand the fundamentals
involved. It's exciting seeing Bad Habits coming to life and being able to implement what we've learned thus far. It's unbelievable because even with the experience, we've learned there's still something new each and every day as we evolve. This is a growing experience, but it's nice to have a little heads up on it all.

What made you choose to start Bad Habits in London rather than back home in America?
London Business School sponsored the brand to start it up in London. It was a fantastic opportunity that we couldn't pass up. Our goal is to grow internationally as America is a part of us.


Please tell us more about the process of natural dyeing and how you learned about it.
Natural Dyeing feels like painting an abstract picture. After you decide the colour story, you then began the real process of dyeing. Depending on the extract chosen, it can take many hours for it to boil and allow the fabric to take the colour. In some incidents, you will need to soak the fabric in a solution that helps it absorb the colour. We are crazy about colour here so we often soak them before to make sure we have the richest hue. After the drying process,
you then have your work of art. It is such a rewarding experience to start off with a blank sheet of fabric and watching it turn into something unimaginable.

What everyday objects that we may not have thought about can produce amazing colours for dyeing?

We can’t live without our stainless steel pots. Without those, we wouldn't be able to brew the dye and make our unique pieces.

What tool could you not live without?

A wire is one of our favourites to use as we can wrap it around the clothing and create nice lines and texture during the dyeing process.

Did you always plan for Bad Habits to be unisex?

Being gender neutral is a part of our beliefs; we celebrate equality in every single way. This is much to do with our aesthetic as we design silhouettes based on your mood, not your gender; our clothing reflects your emotion. Gender-neutral is the future, and it aids with sustainability because of the multi-use it brings.


What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting their own brand?
We would suggest learning the ins and outs of the business before you jump in. There are so many steps involved, and having a little knowledge could go a long way.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a new brand?
The biggest challenge as a new brand is visibility. We are doing our part of providing  interesting content that in time will see a bigger audience. Until then it’s apart of the process of never giving up and reaching for the top.

What were your favourite bands growing up?
We love Fubu, Rick Owens and Marc Jacobs. They're all super different designers, but we admire their uniqueness and aspire to reach their level of expertise.

Who were your idols growing up?
Prince is our ultimate idol. We admire his freedom to not have limitations with fashion. It's the confidence for us, and that's what we plan to implement with Bad Habits.